Our Mission

Our Mission and Vision here at Phantom trading is to simplify institutional trading by creating a process based approach to trading. 

Our team has over 40+ years of professional and retail trading experience and has truly seen everything within the financial markets. 


The idea to create a trading community was made based on one simple idea "provide step by step guidance and assistance in a way 

that was simply not available when we started trading or throughout our journeys" and

"give our community members the edge required to become consistently profitable traders". 

Learn how to apply a process driven approach to your trading using multi-timeframe analysis, utilizing concepts of liquidity

and market inefficiencies. Our aim is to understand why the market moves the way it does and frame up trades using market facts and logic.


Our approach focuses on technical analysis from a top down perspective. Meaning that we look to understand what is happening

on the higher timeframes to form an overall opinion of the longer term sentiment. We then drop down into the lower time frames

to formulate trade ideas that coincide with that larger timeframe sentiment. Our approach allows us to refine our entries and stop

loss placement down to the 15, 5 and even 1 minute timeframes for absolute precision. 


Learn along side us as we breakdown the markets on a daily basis; explaining our approach and thought

process in detail along the way, whilst ensuring you are fully supported within our trading community. 

Daily and Weekly analysis, education and video content will clearly explain how top down analysis is conducted and how to use that

information to formulate trade ideas. Trade recaps will explain the analysis, execution and management of the trades that are taken.


Gain access to our exclusive and global community hosted on Discord. Ongoing educational content and support will be provided to further improve

your trading skills - technical & fundamental analysis, backtesting, data analysis, trading plan creation and refinements, entries, management

and so much more!